Laboratory for Inorganic Colloidal Nanocrystals and Applications

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Inorganic Nanoparticles exhibit unique optical, electronic and magnetic properties which make them ideal candidates for applications in several fields of Science. Our research is multidisciplinary and our interests are focused on the interactions of chemically-engineered inorganic nanoparticles with biomedical systems (i.e. cells and and larger structures) and devices (i.e. photovoltaics and liquid crystals). Currently, our group consists of students with background in biology, neuroscience, physics, biochemistry and polymer chemistry.


  • 2/2017 Antonios gave an invited talk at the SPIE photonics West 2017 confernce

  • 1/2017 Our paper "Graphene oxide-upconversion nanoparticle based optical sensors for targeted detection of mRNA biomarkers present in Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer" was published in ACS Sensors.

  • Highlights of 2016

  • 9/2016 Our paper "Selective killing of cells triggered by their mRNA signature in the presence of smart nanoparticles" was published in Nanoscale.

  • 7/2016 The paper "Polymer-Enhanced Stability of Inorganic Perovskite Nanocrystals and Their Application in Color Conversion LEDs" was accepted for publication in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

  • 6/2016 Our paper "Manganese doped-iron oxide nanoparticle clusters and their potential as agents for magnetic resonance imaging and hyperthermia was published in PCCP.

  • 4/2016 The paper "Peptide coated gold nanoparticles for modulation of angiogenesis in vivo" has been accepted in the International Journal of Nanomedicine.

  • 4/2016 The paper "The adsorbed state of a thiol on palladium nanoparticles" has been accepted in PCCP.

  • 1/2016 The paper "Fast Assembly of gold nanoparticles in large-area 2d nanogrids using a one step, near infrared radiation assisted evaporation process” was accepted for publication in ACS Nano.

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    Highlights of 2015

  • 9/2015 The paper "Plasmonic Backscattering Effect in High Efficient Organic Photovoltaic Devices" was published in Advanced Energy Materials.

  • 8/2015 Our paper "Programming the assembly of gold nanoparticles on graphene oxide sheets using DNA" was published in Journal of Materials Chemistry C.

  • 7/2015 Our paper "Reversible Ligation of Programmed DNA-Gold Nanoparticle Assemblies" was published in Journal of the American Chemical Society.

  • 6/2015 The group welcomes research funding from DSTL

  • 5/2015 The paper "Plasmonic bulk heterojunction solar cells: The role of nanoparticle ligand coating" was published in ACS Photonics.

  • 3/2015 Our paper "Nanoparticles for inhibition of in vitro tumour angiogenesis:synergistic actions of ligand functionand laser irradiation" was accepted for publication in Biomaterials Science.

  • 2/2015 The group wins the first prize for the best paper in the symposium Colloidal Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications X (Conference 9338) in Photonics West

  • 1/2015 Our paper "Highly sensitive DNA sensor based on upconversion nanoparticles and graphene oxide" was published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

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    Highlights of 2014

  • 12/2014 The group congratulates Dr Amelie Heuer Jungemann for obtaining her PhD.

  • 11/2014 Group research in the news

  • 10/2014 The group congratulates Dr Rute Fernandes for obtaining her PhD.

  • 9/2014 The paper "Elastic Constants, Viscosity and Response Time in Nematic Liquid Crystals Doped with Ferroelectric Nanoparticles" was accepted in RSc Advances

  • 8/2014 Our paper "Interactions of Skin with Gold Nanoparticles of Different Surface Charge, Shape and Functionality." was accepted in Small

  • 6/2014 The paper "Assembly of quantum dots on peptide nanostructures and their spectroscopic properties" was accepted for publication in Applied Physics A.

  • 3/2014 Amelie Heuer Jungemann represented our group at the set for Britain prestigious scientific event
    and won the silver medal in Biological and Biomedical Sciences in UK. This is the second medal that comes in
    our research team. The first one (a gold medal) was in 2010 with Dorota Batczak.

  • 1/2014 The review paper "Interaction of stable colloidal nanoparticles with cellular membranes" has been accepted for publication

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    Highlights of 2013

  • 11/2013 An editorial article was published for our work in Therapeutic Delivery. The title is "Nanoparticulate drugs for the manipulation of angiogenesis"

  • 8/2013 Our paper "Gold Nanoparticles and Fluorescently-Labelled DNA as a Platform for Biological Sensing" was accepted for publication in Nanoscale.

  • 7/2013 Our paper "Copper-free Click Chemistry as an Emerging Tool for the Programmed Ligation of DNA-functionalised Gold Nanoparticles" was published in Nanoscale

  • 7/2013 Mr. Pascal Harimech (1st year PhD student) and Antonios will visit the Institute for Electronic Structure and Laser to engage in collaborations

  • 6/2013 Our paper "Manipulation of In Vitro Angiogenesis Using Peptide-Coated Gold Nanoparticles" was published in ACS Nano

  • 5/2013 Our recently accepted article in Chemical communications was published in the themed issue "Emerging investigators 2013". Please see here

  • 3/2013 The paper "Porosity-moderated ultrafast electron transport in Au nanowire networks" was accepted for publication in Applied Physics A

  • 2/2013 The paper "Colloidal Branched Semiconductor Nanocrystals: State of the Art and Perspectives" was published in Accounts of Chemical Research

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    Highlights of 2012

  • 12/2012 Antonios joins the management committee for the COST action MP1202-Rational design of hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces: the next step towards advanced functional materials

  • 12/2012 The paper entitled "Directed organization of gold nanoparticles in polymer coatings through infrared-assisted evaporative lithography " was accepted in Chemical Communications.

  • 11/2012 The paper entitled "Hyperspectral darkfield microscopy of single hollow gold nanoparticles for biomedical applications" was accepted in PhysChemChemPhys.

  • 10/2012 A new PhD student, Pascal Harimech joins the group.

  • 7/2012 The paper entitled "Spatial Modulation Microscopy for Real-Time Imaging of Plasmonic Nanoparticles and Cells" was published in Optics Letters.

  • 7/2012 The paper "Exocytosis of peptide functionalized gold nanoparticles in endothelial cells" was published in Nanoscale.

  • 6/2012 The paper "High Optical Nonlinearity of Nematic Liquid Crystals Doped with Gold Nanoparticles" was published in Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

  • 1/2012 The paper "Interactions of Human Endothelial Cells with Gold Nanoparticles of Different Morphologies" was published in Small

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    Highlights of 2011

  • 11/2011 Our paper "Preparation of peptide functionalized gold nanoparticles using one pot EDC/Sulfo NHS coupling" was ranked at the 10 most read articles for quarter 3

  • 9/2011 Amelie Heuer Jungemann joins our group for her postgraduate studies.

  • 7/2011 Our recent paper in Journal of Materials Chemistry (DOI: 10.1039/C1JM11599E) was highlighted as a 'hot' article

  • 3/2011 Nanoletters published our article entitled "Laser-Induced Damage and Recovery of Plasmonically Targeted Human Endothelial Cells"

  • 1/2011 Small published our article entitled "Receptor-Mediated Interactions between Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles and Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells"
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    Highlights of 2010

  • 11/2010 Dorota Bartczak, a group member, received her PhD degree

  • 03/2010 The group wins the Mendel medal in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at the SET for BRITAIN 2010 event.

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    Highlights of older posts

  • 06/2009 Antonios Kanaras was appointed visiting professor at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genova (IIT)

  • Antonios will visit the nanobiotechnology faciliies at the Italian Institute and engage in research and establishment of new collaborations

  • 06/2009 Antonios won the Sir Eric Rideal award to visit the Nantional Nanotechnology Labs in Lecce (Italy).