Functional Nanomaterials and Applications Lab


Successful candidates will get involved in a multidisciplinary research environment and obtain research skills in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Our research targets fundamental problems as well as more applied problems related to biomedical sciences (development of new therapeutic pathways, targetted drug delivery) and physical sciences (photovoltaics).

Please contact Prof. Antonios Kanaras for more information (A.Kanaras(at)


Nanocrystals in Biomedicine

We run a range of projects, which are related in the synthesis and functionalization of various types of inorganic
nanocrystals for application in sensing, drug delivery and therapy. The projects are often in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and
Biological Sciences.





Synthesis and applications of nanocrystals in Physical Sciences

The properties of inorganic nanoparticles can be tuned by tailoring the morphological characteristics of the inorganic core
In several projects, we customize the synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles for applications in devices (e.g. photovoltaic devices)
The relevant projects are in collaboration with colleagues from Physics and Engineering.





Self-assembly of nanomaterials

A range of projects in the group are around the controlled organization of sophisticated nanoparticles
in three-dimensional precise arrangements. These projects aim to develop new ways for the bottom-up design of new exotic mesoscale materials with novel properties.